Caesarstone | The Pebbles Collection

A pebble is a symbol of constant creation. Shaped by the forces of water and wind, every pebble is a handful of nature. 1006 Agger Grey

1003 Raindream A pebble is a symbol of constant creation. Shaped by the forces of water and wind, every pebble is a handful of nature. Our sustainable surfaces now feature five pebble-inspired colors that nurture comfort and calm so essential to our times, bringing the blessings of sunlight and rain to the heart of your home.

Use our Visualiser to learn more and experience our surfaces in 3D 1001 Riverlet 1002 Wyndigo 1003 Raindream A gentle off-white touched by warm amber capillaries that flow softly across the surface, with a Honed finish for a tinge of freshness that reflects more light. Warm earthy gradients wash over a soft greige surface veined with foamy greys, capturing a pebble’s twotoned mottled patina that is accentuated by a Honed finish for an authentic presence. Two layers of slate greys are accentuated by soft dark grey strokes contoured in neutral highlights, with a Polished finish that makes the surface look like a wet river stone. Pebbles Collection

1004 Stoneburst 1006 Agger Grey Two shades of sage grey with soft mineral undertones and subtle grey veining, in a Honed finish that complements this calm complexion. A rich two-toned base of warm smokey greys, with delicate clay undertones and white veins that create a twotoned surface, in a Polished finish with added depth. Sustainability Caesarstone is committed to developing environmentally friendly and sustainable products through continued innovation and greener production processes. We are focused on creating a value chain that is built on environmental, health and safety practices, as well as a greener and safer future for all of our employees, customers, partners and communities. We do this through four main pillars: 1. Sustainable products 2. Environmentally responsible production 3. Health and safety 4. Social responsibly For more information, read our ESG report, available on our website:

5820 Darcrest 5121 Layalite 5161 Icellion A mysteriously dark earthy base, enriched by tiny spots and sediments with a veil of organic ochers and brownish greens like erosion on a rocky hillside, enhanced by a Honed finish. The purest white of fresh snow melting away in broad streaks spread out wide, softly exposing the rough greys and ochers of underlying metamorphic rock, creating an emotive effect in a Honed finish. A stunning landscape of frosty whites pierced by elegant grey strokes, emulating grand geological movements in a Polished surface that honors the enduring presence of nature. Nature-inspired Designs

5161 Icellion Nature is always evolving, emerging, imprinting its dynamic essence on our sustainable surfaces. Caesarstone introduces its new 2022 nature-inspired innovative designs, connecting you with nature from the heart of your home.

1001 Riverlet

Advantages Easy Care & Maintenance Ease of Installation Hygienic Stain Resistant Environmentally Friendly Heat Resistant Durable Impact Resistant Nonporous Scratch Resistant Our Finishes Caesarstone offers a variety of finishes, dressing the surface in a way that brings out the best in the design while ensuring it remains long-lasting without the need for sealants or wax. Polshed finish emphasizes the surface features with its stunning luster. Honed finish offers a special organic luminosity. Polished Honed Quality Standards Each of our surfaces is carefully inspected to ensure that it meets the highest level of international quality standards, and is backed by professional customer service and support. ISO 9001:2015 ISO 1400a: 2015

Caesarstone’s sustainable surfaces are part of everyday life in millions of homes worldwide. Our countertops are crafted to be the bedrock for family life, inspiring a dynamic space in the heart of the home. We care about enabling people to live harmoniously within their natural ecosystem. Everything we do is aligned with this purpose, driven by our Home Ecosystem Surface™ approach that is human-centric and sustainability-aware. This is how we ensure that when you buy a Caesarstone countertop, you buy an ecosystem. Home Ecosystem Surface™ powered by :